Ebook - who is the best?


Ebook - who is the best?

In this ebook you will read:

  • Is There a Formula for Performance? For me the answer is yes. Performance is the synergistic relationship between thought and emotions. Both of these factors must be balanced in order to performing;
  • Example of Alain Prost GP Mexico in 1990. How Alain was using his emotions to win;
  • The importance of empathy in sport as in business;
  • What does it mean: “In sport the only alternative is to win” Enzo Ferrari;
  • The importance of moving from goal to action.

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Tanti anni in F1 insieme a campioni come Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher e Kimi Raikkonen. Ingegnere responsabile della performance e affidabilità di vetture di F1. Manager di un gruppo di ingegneri, tecnici e meccanici ed ora executive coach, testimonial emozionale e formatore nell’ambito della leadership e della vendita.
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