My approach, my point of view, my beginning
Passion, energy, emotions, obsessive search for performance, commitment and a clear vision of my values. This guides my activity as a testimonial, executive coach and trainer.

To make my motivation grow even more is the pleasure of communicating and interacting with people, it is for them that I do my best. For this reason, after twenty years of experience in the sports field, today I teach managing coaching.
The contribution of sport in my experience as a motivational speaker
Being a leader for many years in a company like Ferrari has encouraged me to continuously improve. An over twenty-year sporting path made up of many successes, moments of strong change, stress, commitment, the search for maximum performance and the achievement of challenging goals. The sports field was a wonderful training for me, made up of constant teamwork.

Creativity, responsibility, motivation, leadership, excellence, involvement, emotions, working in a multidisciplinary environment: this is what Formula gave me. Working side by side with athletes, the competition between winning and motivated competitors. This allowed me to experience many emotions and to understand how much being an authoritative figure makes a difference. Here I met leadership for the first time.
Emotions in today’s world
This is the result of the synergy between competence and intuition and occurs through the dynamic cooperation of the group. Being competent in managing coaching and therefore knowing the skills of the coach allows the leap in quality in the workplace and managerial as well as in the personal sphere.

We live in a period where Industry 4.0 is experiencing enormous developments. The world of Formula 1 has already been considered a cutting-edge, developed and modern sector since many years ago. Motorsport has always been a step forward for another reason as well, because the people who work in this sector are INFINITE.0.
People who are clear about their projects, are aware users of emotions and spirituality. Here is the difference between people and computers. Companies, schools and universities must be aware that in order to grow and progress, the person must be placed at the center and must be enabled to develop specific skills.
The assists of the great champions and the Emotional Intelligence
Formula1 drivers like Michael Schumacher or Alain Prost and tennis players of the caliber of Novak Đoković perform incredible performances, giving each of us ideas for their individual growth. Their ability to use emotions led me to study Emotional Intelligence, to be a practitioner of it and, thanks to training and study, to be able to teach it to others.

The attitude of athletes, their ability to live in the present, the strength to respond to change, are teachings that each of us can learn and use in daily life. Concepts such as fear, judgment and guilt arise from the passive side of thinking and fail when athletes focus on their performance.
In their activity, during the race there is courage, determination, the desire to give the maximum.
My career path.
Today I am an emotional speaker, executive coach and corporate trainer. To get here and speak at events, meetings and seminars, the journey was long and the opportunities to learn and grow countless.

I was born in Ferrara (Italy) and I graduated in Mechanical Engineering, automotive specialization, at the Polytechnic of Turin.
I joined Formula 1 and Ferrari in 1988, with the role of Race Engineer. My journey through the ranks of the prancing horse ended in 2009 as executive coordinator of performance development. Together with the Maranello team, I won 8 Formula 1 World Constructors Championships and 6 Formula 1 World Drivers Championships as Technical Manager of Test Activities.

The contact with prestigious drivers like A.Prost to M. Schumacher, N. Mansell, G. Berger, R. Barrichello, E. Irvine, K. Raikkonen, F. Massa and J. Alesi made my sporting experience unique under the technical and human point of view.

Very early in my career the need for change grew in me and so from the role of engineer I passed to that of manager and leader. Specialization courses in resource management areas like Master in NLP, Master in Executive Coaching. Today I am an Executive Coach Accredited with PCC at the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and accredited with Sei Development and Vital Sign with SixSeconds, a leading Emotional Intelligence training company, of which I am also a partner.

Attracted by the mind and its facets, I focused my journey on the knowledge of the human mind, the unconscious and spirituality. Coaching has favored the development of alternative mental training models focused on excellence in performance and change.
In my vision as an emotional speaker and performance coach, I choose the combination of technical-business skills and soft skills, the ideal strategy for performance development and personal growth.

Recently I was technical director of Venturi Automobiles Formula E Team, which participates in the FIA Formula E World Championship, lecturer at ALTEMS - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome for the Master s Leadership in Medicine, collaborator of BBS - Bologna Business School.

Race Anatomy Formula , broadcast on Sky , is the sports lounge where I am a regular guest commenting on the sporting events of the Grand Prix.
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