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Being a leader for many years in a company like Ferrari has encouraged me to continually improve. An over twenty-year sporting path made up of many successes, moments of strong change, stress, commitment, the search for maximum performance and the achievement of challenging goals. The sports field was a wonderful training for me, made up of constant teamwork.
Creativity, responsibility, motivation, desire to be on the top, leadership, excellence, involvement, emotions, working in a multidisciplinary environment: this is what Formula has given me. Sport, working side by side with athletes, the competition between winning and motivated teams. This allowed me to experience many emotions and to understand how much being an authoritative figure makes a difference. In my speeches I bring energy associated with anecdotes of a lot of experience in a world where winning was the only goal.


Having been a senior executive for many years and the growth in soft styles has given me the opportunity to create very effective leadership models. The leadership style Managing Coaching is what I teach both in the Altems master at the Università La Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome and in companies at their various management levels. In my professional life in the world of F1 I have never sold a product but I had to sell projects and solutions to “difficult” people such as Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Jean Todt or to Avvocato Montezemolo. Sales Coaching is the model I created for B2B or B2C sales and which has been very successful in the companies that have adopted it.


Being a coach was my turning point for relational effectiveness with collaborators and bosses. The art of listening and knowing how to ask open and powerful questions has given me the opportunity to help hundreds of leaders and managers in their personal growth. The team coaching applied in Ferrari allowed me to carry out challenging projects and activities involving all my collaborators. Having both engineer and coach hats has been crucial to relationships with my drivers including Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi. Helping Nole Djockovic find his way back to victory to be number one in the ATP rankings again was a source of great satisfaction. Coaching is a serious and complex activity, you have to deal with people with particular situations and you need a lot of knowledge and experience. I have studied for years to be coache with specific certifications, in particular ICF, I am accredited at Six Seconds in the field of emotional intelligence, I have done all the training courses on NLP and I have increased my knowledge on spirituality. My gray hair witnesses of many years of experience, having been a senior manager in a company like Ferrari Gestione Sportiva, having worked with special and highly effective clients in performance makes me free and effective in my coaching activity.


With the new formula of on-demand distance learning, you can start a path that can quickly change your private and professional life.

On this page you will find a series of webinars I have prepared for you and many more to come in the future.


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