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Latest news
3 aprile
From Ferrari to Venturi
Former Ferrari F1 test team director Luigi Mazzola has joined the Venturi Formula E team as technical director. The 54-year-old Italian has been brought on board by team owner Gildo Pastor to work alongside "team coordinator" Franck... more
10 giugno
Workshop at Sesto Fiorentino
11 June 2015, 15.30 Auditorium Eli Lilly Italia, via Antonio Gramsci,... more
14 marzo
Eng. Mazzola becomes ICF Professional Certified Coach
14/03/2013 - A new important result has come for Eng. Mazzola with the recent recognition as PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by the ICF (International Coach Federation) as the result of a constant and numerous coaching sessions carried out with... more
6 marzo
Motivazione 1988 new partner of Six Seconds
06/03/2013 - Motivazione 1988 is the new partner of Six Seconds, one of the world's leading company in the development of crucial competences for leaders, teams and organizations. Engineer Mazzola's expertise in performance optimization has been... more
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Managing coaching
This course aims at increasing delegates' personal performance through an EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and a classroom path teaching the principles of MANAGING COACHING.

Being a leader means having clear in mind that decisions have to be taken on the basis of the solutions found by collaborators. A leader is someone guiding a group utilizing all his/her resources, being authoritative and authoritarian, as leadership is an embrace involving authoritativeness and authority. A leader must be capable of motivating and guiding the collaborators along the path to the goal, being aware that happiness itself comes from the trip rather than from the goal.

Participants will learn how to combine conscious and unconscious competences to gain that creativity necessary to define objectives/visions and to take decisions. Teaching coaching skills (i.e. working on the awareness of collaborators through the art of asking questions and listening) to improve attendees authority among interlocutors is a prerogative of this course.
Information about the course
Luigi Mazzola Consulting Sagl, Viale Cassone 30, 6963 Pregassona/ Lugano   -   E-mail: info@luigimazzola.com